Project Updates

A Journey of Continuous Improvement and Innovation

As a firm known for performing work within highly sensitive healthcare environments, over the past decade Timco has delivered numerous projects to Rayus Radiology. Equipped with extensive experience, in 2021 Timco was hired to replace a FONAR MRI unit at Rayus’ Wauwatoso Radiology Clinic in Wisconsin. Led by Patrick Finn and Tal Armstrong, the project necessitated significant research and preplanning to fully understand the equipment and the precautions necessary to get the project complete.

Rayus Radiology recognized the need to upgrade their imaging technology to improve patient care, diagnostics, and remain at the forefront of the healthcare industry. Replacing the existing FONAR MRI unit with a new Hitachi Oasis MRI unit was no easy task. The project posed significant challenges, as the existing FONAR unit weighed 8.75 tons. The existing FONAR model utilized a design feature called a superconductive magnet that required a large steel mass located in a cavity below the magnet. The steel mass served as a stabilizing force to counteract the magnetic forces produced by the superconductive magnet, resulting in the massive weight. In addition to the weight, the existing unit was installed prior to the completion of the original building necessitating meticulous logistics to remove it. This involved demolishing interior demising walls to create a large opening in the exterior wall to allow access for our rigging equipment and enable removal of the unit.


Once the FONAR unit was removed, we made several changes to the room’s configuration and infrastructure. These changes included filling in the FONAR magnet pit, installing a reinforced concrete slab to meet the specifications of the new MRI unit, and constructing new walls.

MRI Shield wall

The walls were then covered with magnetic shields and a second layer of wall was installed over the shielding to completely isolate the room from the rest of the building. Finally, the walls and ceiling were completed using traditional methods, while avoiding using any ferrous metals, including ceiling grids, hinges, and hardware.

The focused efforts of the team resulted in seamless collaboration to successfully build this exacting environment. Under the leadership of senior project manager Patrick Finn and superintendent Tal Armstrong, the project was successfully completed on time and budget, providing Rayus Radiology with the improved imaging capabilities they needed to better serve its patients.