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A Heartfelt Makeover: Joining Hands with Hearts & Hammers


Hearts and Hammers Team

This fall, the Timco team had the privilege of joining forces with Davis and Synergy Architectural Studio in a heartwarming collaboration with Hearts & Hammers, an organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of senior citizens, disabled individuals, and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their surviving spouses. The mission? To ensure these individuals can continue to live independently in the homes they cherish.

With just one day to pull off a remarkable home makeover for a woman facing medical challenges, our team was driven by a shared determination to breathe new life into her living space. The transformation began with a fresh coat of paint that revitalized the home’s exterior, including the garage. But we didn’t stop there.

While one dedicated crew worked tirelessly on the home’s facade, another squad took on the task of revamping the landscaping. We rolled up our sleeves, tackled the weeds, and planted a picturesque flower path on both sides of the sidewalk leading to the home’s entrance. The addition of vibrant flowers and a fresh layer of mulch created a warm, inviting atmosphere, just in time for the approaching fall season.

The result? An incredible makeover met with tears of joy and overflowing gratitude. This service project allowed us to witness the incredible power of teamwork and giving back. It reminded us that even small actions can have a tremendous impact on the community we cherish.

At a time when affordable housing is becoming a pressing concern, Hearts & Hammers stands as a beacon of hope. They provide essential home rehabilitation for naturally occurring affordable housing, ensuring that those who struggle to carry out these tasks, or simply cannot afford them, receive the support they need. Hearts & Hammers has restored over 8,500 homes since 1986! It’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to the community. If you’re inspired to get involved and make a difference in the lives of those in need, visit Hearts and Hammers online at