Modular Construction

In today’s healthcare landscape it is more important than ever for facilities to stand the test of time. At Timco Construction, we specialize in leveraging our strong relationships with meaningful partners to bring innovative solutions that increase efficiency, productivity and minimize risk, increasing speed to market and providing flexible spaces that will last 50+ years. We have found that utilizing modular design and construction methods has helped us meet these goals.

Through collaboration with our strategic partner adaptt, we have the ability to provide our clients with modular design and interior wall solutions. These solutions allow us to focus on the long-term vision of our clients, while simultaneously accommodating the need for change, expansion, and redevelopment to meet the needs of the future.

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At Timco, we are driving the future of construction with a focus on our past.
Built on a foundation of loyalty, flexibility, collaboration and customization – we have formed strong partnerships to provide turn-key solutions to our clients.
Innovative Solutions, Meaningful Partnerships