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Celebrating Excellence: 610 Medical Recognized as a Top Project by Finance and Commerce

610 Medical Exterior

We are thrilled to announce that 610 Medical has achieved the distinction of being recognized as a Top Project by Finance and Commerce. This prestigious accolade comes as a testament to the exceptional dedication and ingenuity that went into making this project a resounding success.

In a year marked by a myriad of complexities within the construction industry, 610 Medical emerged as a beacon of excellence that shone through the challenges. This recognition came as no surprise, considering the development feats that the project accomplished. In the process of evaluating potential awardees, the panel of judges meticulously assessed the complexity level, design innovation, construction techniques, collaboration among contractors and management, and commitment to sustainability.

610 Medical’s journey to recognition started when Allina Health and Surgical Care Affiliates forged a joint venture agreement to establish new ambulatory care centers in Minnesota. Their collaboration necessitated a facility that would not only cater to patient needs but also fit their expansion goals. They entrusted this task to Davis, a seasoned medical office building developer, who partnered with Timco to construct the very first one in Brooklyn Park.

This 41,000-square-foot facility is strategically positioned along Highway 610 and Zane Avenue, making it a prominent fixture in the northwest metro area. Allina Health also seized the opportunity to relocate its orthopedic practice from Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids to 610 Medical, enhancing its regional accessibility. The building design, created by Synergy Architectural Studio, was meticulously thought out, placing various specialty clinics on the first floor and a surgery center on the second – an alignment with the growing trend of out-patient ambulatory surgical centers in the healthcare industry.

Overcoming challenges was a theme for this project. The design encountered an environmental hurdle in the form of a high voltage power line bisecting the site, but the collaboration with Synergy Architectural Studio led to innovation that respected mandatory utility easements while creating an accommodating solution.

In addition, during the construction phase, Allina approved a 7,500 square foot lease for their orthopedic team – a crucial element for their achievements in the north metro region. This addition put our team in a time-sensitive situation, given that a primary rival of Allina’s Orthopedic group had commenced construction on their facility four months earlier. Expediting the project became a critical success factor. Ultimately, Timco was successful, constructing a two-story, class-A MOB in a mere twelve months.

610 Medical is a strategic response to a competitive healthcare landscape. It’s a hub that not only caters to local patients but draws in a broader regional demographic, significantly enhancing the healthcare options available while positively impacting the community. The recognition of 610 Medical as a Top Project by Finance and Commerce stands as a testament to the vision, dedication, and collaborative effort that went into its realization. As a leading example of excellence in healthcare facility construction, 610 Medical exemplifies the commitment to patient care and community welfare.

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