Crystal Medical Center

Winner of Best in Real Estate 2012

Location: Crystal, MN

Size: 44,800 SF

Completion: March, 2012

Owner: Crystal Medical Building LLC

Architect: BDH Design

Communication was key to the success of this new two-story, state-of-the-art medical building, which includes high-end finishes and a class “A” surgery suite.  The Timco team remained flexible throughout construction to meet the needs of the various medical tenants. The building also houses an education center with first-floor access and a covered drop-off and features ample parking, a modern lobby, and a shared conference space for tenants.

"“When we built, we had the opportunity to tour all the clinics in the area that were built recently and pick features we liked. I think we ended up with something really special.”"
- Mark Pottenger, Clinic Administrator, Northwest Family Physicians