Improving Services Through Technology in northeastern Wisconsin

Location: Greenbay, WI

Completion: May 2017

Owner: Aurora BayCare Medical Center

In 2017, Timco was hired to replace the existing imaging equipment at Aurora BayCare Medical Center located in Northeastern Wisconsin. New equipment included a computed tomography (CT) scanner and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. With the install taking place in a fully operating facility, proper protocols for infection control and safety were proactively planned, measured and implemented. The team coordinated all work with the Aurora BayCare facilities team to appropriately plan and schedule necessary shut-downs and turn-over.

Project partners included JF Ahern and Staff Electric.

Today, Aurora Baycare Medical Center, located in Greenbay Wisconsin, houses some of the region’s most advanced imaging technology offering a broad range of non-invasive and minimally invasive imaging techniques to provide patients with early detection and diagnosis of various health conditions.