Our project management team works directly with the architect and owner during the schematic design and development phase.  We will work closely with the team to analyze building materials and systems, develop periodic budget estimates, establish and monitor project schedules and promote partnering.

Specifically, we focus on the following topics:

Mechanical and Electrical Contractor Selection

Timco Construction completes a detailed analysis and comparison of the potential mechanical and electrical delivery for any project.  We always consider using any subcontractors who currently have a relationship with our clients.


We will analyze various methods for construction, including fast track construction. Methods and materials that relate to cost, efficiency, compatibility with existing structures and disruptions to current operations will be evaluated.

Value Engineering

We provide a thorough review of proposed materials and methods in order to determine the appropriate mix of functionality, cost, and life cycle considerations.

Estimating Techniques

We generate a series of estimates throughout the course of a project.  Initially, we provide a square foot cost estimate to begin the budget process. This will be followed up by schematic design, design development, and construction document estimates.

Scope Control

It is important for the owner to develop and communicate adequate project scope control during the pre-construction phase of any project.  It will be our responsibility to guide the team back within established parameters when it appears those parameters are being breached.  Failure to maintain adequate scope control is a common problem that leads to cost overruns and unsuccessful project outcomes.  Timco Construction, Inc. will be forceful in the role of controlling the scope of a project to meet the owner’s requirements.

Owner’s Expectations

Members of the project team will work closely with the architect and owner during the schematic design phase.  During the early stages of a project, it is crucial to accurately assess and develop the program.  Achieving the proper balance between size, scope, budget and regulatory constraints is critical for the successful implementation of the project strategy.


While construction is in process, our project management team will direct and advise our superintendents and field laborers. We will be in constant communication between the office and job site to keep current with the construction schedule and maintain appropriate costs.

Specifically, the following controls will be of focus:

Schedule Control

Timco Construction, Inc. develops a comprehensive schedule for each project, including pre-construction and construction phases.  This schedule will outline milestones and the responsibilities needed to meet those milestones.  This schedule will be updated periodically as conditions warrant.  Schedule considerations are crucial to the successful completion of any major construction project.

Cost Control

We will develop a format for soliciting quotes for the various components of work included in all projects.  This will include multiple bids, negotiation, and other techniques.  Constant monitoring of cost components will be maintained throughout the course of the project.  Timco will control change order costs through pre-construction analysis of construction documents and diligent supervision of subcontractors and vendors.

Quality Control

This area is crucial to the success of medical construction projects.  We apply rigorous quality controls to ensure strict adherence to plans and specifications.  In addition, we will contract with testing and inspection firms to provide independent verification of critical quality control components.  Successful quality control initiatives are evident in our previously completed projects.

Subcontractor/Vendor Management

Management of purchasing functions is a combined effort between the project manager and superintendent.  One way to greatly reduce the likelihood of problems in this area is through the development of an approved bidder list prior to subcontractor selection.  Timco’s list of subcontractors have significant experience in the healthcare industry.

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